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Becoming a member of the Classic Car Club Of Hong Kong will entitle you to participate in the club’s activities, as well as a range of services such as insurance and getting movement permits for your classic cars and discounts at Caltex filling stations.




Notes :


Most Club notices are sent by fax or e-mail  大部份本會通告均以傳真或電郵發出


Please enclose with a recent photo of each classic cars listed in the application form.



Cars less than 20 years old are not eligible for participation in Club events such as Car Show unless the Club gives exemption.

少於20 年車齡的車輛除非獲得本會豁免,否則將不符參加本會活動的資格,例如車展。




Fees :


                                       Jan – Dec                                              Jul – Dec

                                       1 至12 月                                               7 至12 月


Joining Fee 入會費        HK$500.00                       OR                HK$500.00


Subscription 年費           HK$500.00                       或                  HK$250.00


Total 總額                       HK$1000.00                                          HK$750.00



For enquiry, please contact our Membership Secretary, Mr. Andrew NG



Tel: 9103-3213 or Email:





Option 1: Download and fill in the application form below and return it together with cheque payment to:




To: Classic Car Club of Hong Kong (1989) Limited

P.O. Box 72636,

Kowloon Central Post Office,

Hong Kong

Attn: Mr. Andrew Ng





Option 2: NEW! If you have a Google/Gmail account, you can submit your application online by clicking here:

新! 如果您有Google / Gmail帳戶,可以點擊此處在線提交您的申請: 



Access to Personal Data 索閱個人資料


Any enquiries, access or correction with respect to personal data as provided in this form should be addressed to the following address.




P.O. Box 72636, Kowloon Central Post Office 九龍中央郵箱 72636 號